Multiplayer Mobile Blackjack Apps

Whether you own an Android smartphone, an iPhone or an iPad, you shouldn't have any problems with finding a few dedicated multiplayer Blackjack apps designed specifically with your device in mind. For the time being, any free blackjack options you find at any mobile casinos will be single player games. You will find At the time of this writing, there is only one option for a mobile application that delivers real money blackjack options with live dealers. Betonline's mobile casino offers a downloadable live dealer casino application that is compatible with the iPhone. Unfortunately it is not an application that is available to US players. Mobile casino games are fairly new to the market, and the additional technology and development required to implement the live dealer and multi-player elements of the gaming experience are rather complex. Though this technology is in its infancy, we do expect to see it being added to the leading mobile casino platforms in the near future. Until then, USA players can participate in online multiplayer blackjack games at recommended online casinos. You can learn more about US friendly option in our section dedicated to USA multiplayer blackjack.

There are also some multiplayer blackjack apps in the various app stores. However, you have to keep in mind that those apps are very different from live dealer multiplayer Blackjack available with the offshore US-facing casino sites. Most of those games aren't operated by gambling businesses, which means that you won't be able to bet any real money. In fact, mobile Blackjack apps are social games first and foremost, as they allow you to compete with players from all over the entire world, earn virtual in-game currency that can be used to customize your profile or fight for a higher position on the overall leaderboard.

Best Mobile Multiplayer Blackjack App

Recommended Mobile Casinos Offering Multiplayer Blackjack Games

At this time, there is only one brand that we can recommend that offers multiplayer blackjack options through a mobile application. They are the first out the gate, but we are expecting for this list to expand pretty quickly. The competitive nature of this industry alone will drive other brands to embrace this technology and make the hearty investment necessary to offer these gaming options through their mobile casinos. We will be adding to the list as reputable and high quality mobile live dealer blackjack apps are launched.

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Android Multiplayer Blackjack Apps

There are quite a few Android multiplayer Blackjack apps available in the Google Play store – some of the best include BlackJack 21 Live developed by AbZorba Games and Blackjack LIVE! from Playphone. As you'd expect, none of those apps are operated by a licensed casino, which means that you'll be betting play money instead of actual cash. The social functions of the best apps are rather well developed, which means that you'll be able to play with the friends that you've decided to invite, chat with the other players, participate in Blackjack tournaments and exchange gifts. Unfortunately, the overall feel of those apps is very different from live dealer, real money casino games, which makes them somewhat ill-suited for serious practice. These apps are compatible with a wide range of Android devices.

iOS Multiplayer Blackjack Apps Including Iphone And Ipad Devices

iPhone and iPad owners have plenty of multiplayer social Blackjack apps to choose from. However, much like Android systems, those platforms don't really give you access to many real money packages of this kind. This shouldn't come as a surprise since Apple is very strict about accepting gambling apps in its iTunes store. The one trusted casino brand that has decided to release a real money multiplayer Blackjack app for iOS is not available to US-based customers. Betonline has launched a mobile application that is compatible with the iPhone and iPad and does offer live dealer blackjack. The app does require a download and you can play for real money. This is the only real money application of this nature released so far and is only available for iOS devices. In the end, apps like Blackjack Multiplayer developed by App Street Software might provide you with hours upon hours of quality entertainment, but in the end they probably won't prepare you for the real deal.

Playing Real Money Multiplayer Blackjack On the Go

The only way to play multiplayer Blackjack for real money on a mobile device is to visit one of the US-facing casino sites and join a live dealer game via a browser-based client. Most offshore casinos won't require you to install a Windows-optimized software package in order to play a real money multiplayer Blackjack game, so if your device is capable of handling a live video stream and a desktop-optimized app, you might consider giving this solution a try. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that live dealer games require you to have a stable and fast internet connection, which might be impossible for some mobile users. All things considered, if you'd like to win real money while playing Blackjack in a multiplayer setting, I'd definitely recommend playing on a desktop computer or a laptop instead.